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The word Veterinary is connected with the medical treatment of sick or injured animals. Veterinary Science deals with the health and wellbeing of animals. The doctors of animals are known a Veterinarians. They diagnose and prescribe treatments for animals. If you love animals and have an interest in Veterinary Sciences, then you must go for making a career in Veterinary Medical Field. These days, the scope of career after Veterinary Courses has increased.

Veterinary Courses are designed to provide knowledge to candidates related to the treatment of diseases, Nutrition, Vaccination animals, guidance to Pet Owners, etc

Duties of Veterinarians

To diagnose and treat the illness of animals.


To heal the wounds of animals.


To conduct research and create awareness about diseases spreading from animals.


To ensure the well-being of animals and human beings.


To provide education and suggestion to Pet-owners about general medical care and routine vaccine for animals.

Career After Veterinary Courses

After Pursuing A Diploma In Veterinary Courses From NCETIR  , You Can Easily Get Jobs At Veterinary Clinics(Government and Private), Veterinary Pharmacy Stores, Pet Care Centers, Animal Breeding Centers, Poultry Farms, and organization for animals like PETA.

You can apply for the jobs of Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Pharmacist, And Veterinarian Food Inspection Specialist After Pursuing A Diploma in Veterinary Course.

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