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The Apparel Design course involves technical and artstic creativity for the fashion industry, where aparel designers need to conceptualize, create as well as monitor the manufacturing of clothes. A person specializing in this stream work in the broad areas of the Apparel Industry such as Ready to Wear, Specialized Fashion, Active wear, Sporta Wear, Fuctional Clothing (Clothes specially designed for particular profession) etc.
The Course in Apparel Designing involves studying history or costumes, Fashion designing, science and liberal arts, deaign management, fashion art
and sketching. production of cloth, Apparel pattern making, different kinds of knitting, Computerzed aided knitting, trends and forecasting for Apparel Design Process, production and planning, retalling and marking.


Apparel Design: The diploma in Apparel Fashion Design is a course that includes technical, creative, and artistic skills for the fashion industry. Fashion designing is a basic fast-track course in the field of fashion design. A diploma in Apparel design is a 1-year diploma course that is eventually based on the revised curriculum of fashion trends and designing, guiding students towards various lucrative careers in the field of apparel fashion designing.

A person who is specialized in their streams, working in the board area of the apparel industry. Such as ready “Ready to Wear, Specialized fashion, Active Wear, Sports Wear, and functional clothing” in simple words we can say that designing clothes, especially for a particular professional, etc.

A fresh aspirant can earn an average salary between INR 2,00,000 to 6,00,000 per annum. It depends upon the caliber and experience of the candidate. In the world of fashion, experience counts more than your qualification and qualities let your talent and skills speak louder than your degree.

Apparel designers who also go by the name of clothing designers conceptualize and create clothing items. The main duty of an apparel designer is to keep an eye on the evolving or trending fashion statements and to predict the upcoming ones. An apparel designer is also responsible for designing new sketches, opting right patterns and fabric for the garment, and managing production. Once the concept is ready they require confirmation from the client, retailers, or creative directors to proceed with the idea.

Set of Skills Required for Apparel Fashion Design:

The set of skills for apparel fashion design which is required for creating illustrations for designs, analyzing market trends, and using the latest technology is mentioned below:

Creative and artistic skills

Intrinsic knowledge of colors, shades, tones, etc.

Good communication skills

Quick learner

Basic technical skills such as using computer-aided, designing, and machinery.

Understanding market and consumer demand for trendsetting

Eye for detail

Core knowledge of the fashion industry


Drawing, Sketching, and graphics

Patience for long hours of detailed work

Consistency and adapting dynamics

Eligibility Criteria for Apparel Fashion Design:

The Apparel Fashion Design course is pursued by students who have completed their 10+2 education from recognized and affiliated education boards. There are no restrictions on streams. Aspirants from any stream either from science, commerce, or humanities anyone can pursue apparel fashion design even though there is an undergraduate course available for apparel fashion design.

A skillful designer has a sound knowledge of fabrics, styles, and patterns. Employers often seek out apparel designers who have a strong grip and understanding of textiles and trends. Check out the eligibility requirements to become an apparel designer.

  • The candidate needs to clear the class 12th final examination to pursue a relevant course to be an apparel designer.
  • Any higher education degree that inculcates designing and technical skills in an individual. A graduate degree in fashion design is considered one such qualification.
  • Candidates can also opt for relevant certification courses to enhance their abilities or knowledge and have an upper hand in the competitive world of apparel design.


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