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Vocatinal education and training (VET) is job oriented techanical training course for students and aspirants to choose a specific career opportunity.This job specific training is meant for a specified career and focuses mainly on providing student with hands on training, instruction, classes through which a student can
gain a Diploma or a certificate. Vocational trainig happens not only in automotive segment also in hand trades and tourism. Such programmes also focus on mechanics, skills in retail, plumbing, careers and many. Through this training, aspirants can search specific jobs as they gain the certificate required for it. These training are done either in
institues and comminuty, college or in treads schools. There are certain vocational schools that offer these programs. Classes can be of short unit ones or ten weeks or even lesser depending upon the subjects.

Vocational Programmes Diploma

Vocational Programmes Certificate

Benefits of pursuing a vocational course at

Vocational Courses are Job-Oriented Courses. It will make you job-ready in the field of your choice.


Classroom teachings are combined with practical training to develop working skills in students.


The main focus is on providing specialized knowledge and improving skills.


We provide training so that students can experience realistic insight into the particular industry


Vocational Courses at NCETIR are of short duration, less expensive, and career-oriented.

Required Skilled and eligibility For Vocational education

ocational training began from high school and can also be done when a student is graduate. There are certain vocational courses that are in the from of high school studying academics studding major courses and introduction or students to the various trade from such as business construction, Art and Craft. Agriculture health studies Information Technology etc.
For Post secondary vocational courses a student needs to be a 10+2 pass out which means he has a basic education for the higher vocational courses. These are generally certificate and diploma courses




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